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  • Running WPS V4.4, WRF V4.4.2

    I am following steps from here: Get Data I used curl to download some recent (low res, 1 degree) GFS forecast data (f000, f003 and f006)to a DATA directory on the server: Run WPS I then edited namelist.wps (correct dates, single domain, and path to WPS_GEOG). Make sure you have set all of your […]

  • Installing WPS V4.4, WRF V4.4.2

    WRF was installed on a server by following the instructions here: First, the LIBRARIES: Older versions of netcdcf mentioned on that website were available to download from the netcdf github site:– netcdf-c-4.7.2.tar.gz– netcdf-fortran-4.5.2.tar.gz netcdf-fortran needed:LDFLAGS=-L/home/conor/LIBRARIES/netcdf/libCPPFLAGS=-I/home/conor/LIBRARIES/netcdf/includeexport FCFLAGS=”-w -fallow-argument-mismatch -O2″export FFLAGS=”-w -fallow-argument-mismatch -O2″ mpich-3.0.4 caused an error: multiple definition of `HYD_pmcd_pmip’. So I tried:mpich-3.1.4.tar.gz, which also […]

  • WRF driven by GFS Ensemble data on ORR2

    GFS Ensemble data are available to download from here: Grid GENS 3 Start Date = End Date. Select files. I’m assuming that _00 is the “control” forecast, and _01 to _20 are the perturbed ensemble members. When your data are ready to download, you will get an email notification. Click on the “Web Download” […]

  • WRFV3.9.1 with ERA-Interim data on ORR2

    Before trying to run WRF with ERA-Interim data, make sure you have completed the following: WRFV3.9.1 test case on ORR2 Downloading ERA-Interim data for WRF WPS: Use this as a template: namelist.wps, then run geogrid.exe to generate WPS: Copy the Vtable for ERA-Interim data into the WPS directory cp ungrib/Variable_Tables/ Vtable Now link to your […]