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  • WRF driven by GFS Ensemble data on ORR2

    GFS Ensemble data are available to download from here: Grid GENS 3 Start Date = End Date. Select files. I’m assuming that _00 is the “control” forecast, and _01 to _20 are the perturbed ensemble members. When your data are ready to download, you will get an email notification. Click on the “Web Download” […]

  • WRFV3.9.1 with ERA-Interim data on ORR2

    Before trying to run WRF with ERA-Interim data, make sure you have completed the following: WRFV3.9.1 test case on ORR2 Downloading ERA-Interim data for WRF WPS: Use this as a template: namelist.wps, then run geogrid.exe to generate WPS: Copy the Vtable for ERA-Interim data into the WPS directory cp ungrib/Variable_Tables/ Vtable Now link to your […]

  • Downloading ERA-Interim data for WRF

    The ECMWF has a publicly accessible reanalysis dataset called ERA-Interim which can be used to run WRF. To download data for WRF, follow these steps: Go to the ECMWF website: and click the “Log in” link in the top right-hand corner. If you already have an account, enter your username and password. If not, register […]

  • WRFV3.9.1 test case on ORR2

    The ARF WRF tutorial is a great resource, check it out as well as the notes below. Download GFS data We will use GFS data to run a test forecast for storm “Ophelia”, from 14th to 17th October 2017. GFS forecast data can be downloaded here: Click on the ‘HAS’ data access link for […]