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  • Download archived GFS data

    I’d like to run some WRF forecasts for dates on which there were large errors in the shortwave (SW) radiation from reanalysis data. To do this, I need to get forecast data from a global model. The GFS global model forecast data are archived here: To request archived data, click on the HAS link for […]

  • Download ECMWF MARS data

    These steps to download ECMWF data are based on their instructions here: ECMWF parameters are described here:

  • WRF installation on a Linux machine

    1. Introduction This document outlines the steps to building WRF on a Linux-based machine. Firstly the compatibility of the system’s compilers will be checked. Then instruction for installing some necessary libraries will be given. These libraries will then be checked for compatility. Producing a WRF forecast requires the building of two systems, WRF and WRF-Preprocessing […]

  • SIAM Conference Galway 2017 – Comparison of Correlations Between Wind and Solar Radiation

    Combining wind and solar power generation has potential to make renewable energy less variable. This is done to take advantage of the fact that it tends to be cloudy when it’s windy and calm when it’s sunny [1] [2]. Preliminary site assessment for wind and solar power generation is commonly done by making use of […]