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  • Correct parameter name with cdo ERA5

    cdo doesn’t recognise the name for 100m u and v winds from ERA5. So, I created a small text file called myparam.txt with information about the variables: Then I used the following cdo command: and that worked!

  • Update WRF on ORR2 Get WRF source code cd GITWRFgit clone clone Get WPS data (if you don’t already have it): cd ~/DATA/geogcurl -O Set the Environment I’d already built the required libraries, but still need to set the environment variables (source export DIR=”/home/conor/Build_WRF/LIBRARIES”export CC=”gcc”export CXX=”g++”export FC=”gfortran”export FCFLAGS=”-m64″export F77=”gfortran”export FFLAGS=”-m64″export PATH=”$DIR/netcdf/bin:$PATH”export NETCDF=”$DIR/netcdf”export PATH=”$DIR/mpich/bin:$PATH”export […]

  • New European Wind Atlas

    The new European wind atlas is an great tool to download and visualise high-resolution and publicly available data of wind resources specifically suitable for wind energy development, site prospecting and wind farm design. The mesoscale modelling covers the entire EU plus Turkey and 100 km offshore as well as the complete North and Baltic Seas. […]

  • Taylor Diagrams and high resolution plots of land use and elevation.

    This is an overview for producing these following plots. Taylor Diagram The Taylor diagram graphically illustrates how well a model represents the variability of the observations it is attempting to predict, in terms of correlation, standard deviation and RMSE. This code was adapted from the python file in this GitHub repository to suit our needs, […]