Author: Seánie Griffin

  • SIAM Conference Galway 2017 – Comparison of Correlations Between Wind and Solar Radiation

    Combining wind and solar power generation has potential to make renewable energy less variable. This is done to take advantage of the fact that it tends to be cloudy when it’s windy and calm when it’s sunny [1] [2]. Preliminary site assessment for wind and solar power generation is commonly done by making use of […]

  • Journal Club: 09/05/2017

    Article Title: Diurnal variations of land surface wind speed probability distributions under clear-sky and low-cloud conditions. This article examined the impact of cloud cover on diurnal wind speed variability at different heights, from 10m to 200m above the surface, at a mast in Cabauw, Netherlands.  Oberservations from a backscatter ceilometer were used to determine the […]