Author: Seánie Griffin

  • Journal Club: 15-08-2017

    Article Title:The importance of forecasting regional wind power ramping: A case study for the UK This article studied a year of generation data from the Thames Estuary wind farm cluster for 2014, with particular interest given to a ramping event which occurred on the 3rd of November of that year.  This consisted of a ramp-up […]

  • Managing permissions on Sonic (chmod)

    When creating a new directory on the ESIPP shared directory on Sonic, it is good practice to consider the permissions which are applied to that directory. When a new directory has been created, by executing: mkdir new_directory A set of permissions are set up for this new directory for three categories: The user (u), i.e. […]

  • Journal Club: 04-07-2017

    Article Title: Met Éireann high resolution reanalysis for Ireland This article provided a description and initial data analysis of the high resolution reanalysis (MÉRA) produced by Met Éireann.  This reanalysis has been constructed with a configuration of the HARMONIE-AROME limited area NWP model at a 2.5km resolution, with ERA-Interim forcing at the boundaries.  MÉRA uses a […]

  • WRF installation on a Linux machine

    1. Introduction This document outlines the steps to building WRF on a Linux-based machine. Firstly the compatibility of the system’s compilers will be checked. Then instruction for installing some necessary libraries will be given. These libraries will then be checked for compatility. Producing a WRF forecast requires the building of two systems, WRF and WRF-Preprocessing […]