Author: Seánie Griffin

  • Journal Club: 17-04-2019 The WRF mode was used to investigate the prediction of wind speed ramping events which can have a large impact on renewable energy production. 5 years of forecast data was used for this analysis. 2 sets of deterministic forecasts (10km and 5km resolutions) produced by downscaling GFS 0.5° data and an ensemble forecast produced […]

  • Journal Club: 20-02-2019 The WRF forecast model was used to downscale GFS driving data with domains (shown below) going from 9km to 3km to 1km (two-way nested with 34 levels) and an inner domain of 333m resolution (one-way nested with 67 levels) around a windfarm in Galicia (NW Spain). The MYNN2.5 PBL scheme was used and a […]

  • ESGI 2018: ESB Trading

    Members of the group recently took part in the 141st European Study Group with Industry (ESGI), held at UCD in June. We were part of the team working on the problem posed by ESB-Trading (Electricity Supply Board).  With the upcoming launch of I-SEM, ESB-Trading have increased interest in accurate prediction of output from their wind farm portfolio. […]

  • EGU 2018: Representation of Wind-Solar Correlations in Reanalyses

    I attended EGU2018 in April 2018 where I presented a poster titled Representation of Wind-Solar Correlations in Reanalyses.  This was included in the poster session for ERE3.1: “Energy meteorology and spatial modelling of renewable energies.” This examined the representation of the relationship between 10m wind speed and global shortwave radiation (SW) on daily timescales in both […]