Author: Seánie Griffin

  • Taylor Diagrams and high resolution plots of land use and elevation.

    This is an overview for producing these following plots. Taylor Diagram The Taylor diagram graphically illustrates how well a model represents the variability of the observations it is attempting to predict, in terms of correlation, standard deviation and RMSE. This code was adapted from the python file in this GitHub repository to suit our needs, […]

  • June 2019 Conferences: WESC, ICEM

    I attended two conferences in June 2019; WESC in UCC, Cork and ICEM in DTU, Copenhagen. Here are some points from these conferences. WESC I presented a talk titled “WRF planetary boundary layer schemes for wind forecasting” in the “Mesoscale” session as part of Theme 1: “Wind resource, turbulence and wakes” at WESC in UCC. […]

  • Journal Club: 11-06-2019

    This paper studied a case of extreme ramping that occurred in central USA in July 2011. The passage of a cold front, along with large instability triggered the formation of a mesoscale convective system. This resulted in strong gusts from downdrafts which caused extensive damage to the Buffalo Ridge wind farm. This paper performance of […]

  • EGU 2019

    Here are some of the interesting points I saw during EGU 2019 in Vienna. Monday: NWP, DA and Ensembles (AS1.1) Florian Pappenberger outlined plans for future work at ECMWF. Cycle 46R1 will be introduced in June 2019. Which will include the ENS being initialized from 50 member ensemble DA system. There will be web presentation […]