Author: Eadaoin Doddy Clarke

  • Eadaoin’s presentation at the MÉRA workshop 2019

    I gave a short presentation, “An Evaluation of Integrated Cloud Condensate in MÉRA”, about the follow-on research I’ve done on the work I presented at EMS last autumn. My talk looked at how the MÉRA reanalysis dataset needs time to spin-up for the variables: integrated cloud ice and integrated cloud water. The 09-33H forecast is […]

  • Eadaoin’s time at EGU 2019

    On Monday I attended the session ‘Numerical weather prediction, data assimilation and ensemble forecasting’. Among other interesting talks was one titled ‘Fraction of large forecast errors in global NWP’ by Thomas Haiden, which discussed the errors in upper level variables at ECMWF and the large-scale errors. He found that the fraction of large errors is […]

  • Journal club: 03-04-2019

    Probabilistic and deterministic results of the ANPAF analog model for Spanish wind field estimations (2012). Here analog models were used to obtain daily mean wind speed and wind gust estimations in Spain. Three datasets were used: daily 1000hPa geopotential height field over the North Atlantic at 12:00 UTC (Z1000) from ERA40 reanalysis, observational daily mean […]

  • Journal club: 29-11-2018

    Improved very short-term spatio-temporal wind forecasting using atmospheric regimes (2018). Here a regime-switching vector autoregressive (VAR) method for very short-term wind speed forecasting (1-6 hours ahead) at multiple locations with regimes based on large-scale meteorological phenomena is presented. Principal component analysis is first performed on surface wind, sea-level pressure fields and the geopotential height field […]