Author: Conor Sweeney

  • Correct parameter name with cdo ERA5

    cdo doesn’t recognise the name for 100m u and v winds from ERA5. So, I created a small text file called myparam.txt with information about the variables: Then I used the following cdo command: and that worked!

  • Update WRF on ORR2 Get WRF source code cd GITWRFgit clone clone Get WPS data (if you don’t already have it): cd ~/DATA/geogcurl -O Set the Environment I’d already built the required libraries, but still need to set the environment variables (source export DIR=”/home/conor/Build_WRF/LIBRARIES”export CC=”gcc”export CXX=”g++”export FC=”gfortran”export FCFLAGS=”-m64″export F77=”gfortran”export FFLAGS=”-m64″export PATH=”$DIR/netcdf/bin:$PATH”export NETCDF=”$DIR/netcdf”export PATH=”$DIR/mpich/bin:$PATH”export […]

  • Vertical interpolation of near-surface wind speed

    The New European Wind Atlas allows you to download wind speeds at various heights above ground (10/50/75/100/150…m) between 2009-2018 for regions in Europe. However, if you are interested in another time period, or region, you can download ERA5 wind data at 10m and 100m heights above ground from the Climate Data Store. A common approach […]

  • Downloading MERRA2 data

    I tried to download some MERRA2 data, and realised that I’d deleted all my old scripts! So, here I go again… Preliminary steps: Register / Log in to the NASA EARTHDATA site: Follow the steps to link GES DISC with your account: Verify by downloading this example data file URL Follow the steps to […]