Running WPS V4.4, WRF V4.4.2

I am following steps from here:

Get Data

I used curl to download some recent (low res, 1 degree) GFS forecast data (f000, f003 and f006)to a DATA directory on the server:

curl -O


I then edited namelist.wps (correct dates, single domain, and path to WPS_GEOG).

Make sure you have set all of your environment variables (see the installation post), then run geogrid.exe which should create

Next ./link_grib.csh to your downloaded GFS data.

Make sure you have the correct Vtable

ln -sf ungrib/Variable_Tables/Vtable.GFS Vtable

Run ungrib.exe, which should create a few FILE:2023-01-18_00…

Finally, run metgrid.exe, which should create files.

Remember to check the log files if you get any errors.


Move into the WRF/run directory and edit the namelist.input file so that it agrees with your namelist.wps file.

Link your met_em files into the run directory:

ln -s ../../WPS/met_em.d01.2023-01-18_0* .

Then run ./real.exe and WRF:

mpirun -np 4 ./wrf.exe

If all goes well, you should see wrfout_d01_2023-01-18_00:00:00… files. The first time you run, it will generate data for ThompMP, which can take a few minutes. Then you should timing messages in the log file for each step.