Vertical interpolation of near-surface wind speed

The New European Wind Atlas allows you to download wind speeds at various heights above ground (10/50/75/100/150…m) between 2009-2018 for regions in Europe. However, if you are interested in another time period, or region, you can download ERA5 wind data at 10m and 100m heights above ground from the Climate Data Store. A common approach is to use semi-log interpolation for vertical wind speeds:

    \begin{align*} \frac{dU}{dz} &= \frac{U100 - U10}{\log(100) - \log(10)} \\ Uz &= U10 + \frac{dU}{dz} (\log(z)-\log(10)) \\ Uz &= U10 + \frac{U100 - U10}{\log(100) - \log(10)} (\log(z)-\log(10)) \end{align*}

Applying this to one month of 10m and 100m wind data (u and v) downloaded from ERA5, we can calculate 60m wind speeds: