New European Wind Atlas

The new European wind atlas is an great tool to download and visualise high-resolution and publicly available data of wind resources specifically suitable for wind energy development, site prospecting and wind farm design.

The mesoscale modelling covers the entire EU plus Turkey and 100 km offshore as well as the complete North and Baltic Seas. The WRF model was used in a NEWA consortium developed configuration, with a 3 km grid spacing and simulation period covering 30 years (1989-2018). The temporal resolution is 30 minutes and there are eight heights available from 10m, 50m, 75m up to 500m. Parameters available include wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air density, shortwave radiation, among many others.

Currently there are data from 2009-2018 available to download from the website. Unfortunately the project ended before they were able to convert all of the data to the format used for distribution on the website. They are currently working on finding some resources to finish this conversion and they hope to have the remaining years available around the end of this year.