June 2019 conferences: WESC and ICEM

I went to WESC (Wind Energy Science Conference) in UCC, where I presented a talk “A multivariate spatial post-processing method for day-ahead wind energy forecasts” in the forecasting & resource assessment session which was part of theme 1: wind resource, turbulence and wakes.

I also attended some interesting talks on wind energy resources and planning. I learnt how windfarms interact with each other especially if they are less than 40km apart. Also, that crop location/type can change the temperature and consequently the wind profile of the area. There is a temperature increase near wind farms especially at night, due to warming near the turbines, which can lead to cooling further downwind.

There was also an interesting discussion on “Does the price of a windfarm location depend on the proximity to adjacent windfarms (whether planned or existing)?”. There was no conclusion (and no law/rules) but there might be occasions when some contracts get compensation at certain times.

I also attended ICEM (International Conference Energy & Meteorology) in DTU in Lyngby, near Copenhagen in Denmark.

I presented a short talk “Forecasting Matters” at the inaugural WattMeet, a networking and presentation reception event the evening before the conference began.

I also presented a poster “Adaptive spatial post-processing to reduce systematic error in day-ahead renewable energy forecasts” as part of the “wind energy, combined energy and others” poster session.

I also heard some interesting talks, including “Improved very short term spatio-temporal wind forecasting using atmospheric regimes” by Jethro Browell. The talk was about finding a relationship with spatio -temporal structures on shorted time scales. He used a VAR method which adjusts depending on the weather regime present.