Month: April 2019

  • Journal Club: 17-04-2019 The WRF mode was used to investigate the prediction of wind speed ramping events which can have a large impact on renewable energy production. 5 years of forecast data was used for this analysis. 2 sets of deterministic forecasts (10km and 5km resolutions) produced by downscaling GFS 0.5° data and an ensemble forecast produced […]

  • Journal Club: 20-02-2019 The WRF forecast model was used to downscale GFS driving data with domains (shown below) going from 9km to 3km to 1km (two-way nested with 34 levels) and an inner domain of 333m resolution (one-way nested with 67 levels) around a windfarm in Galicia (NW Spain). The MYNN2.5 PBL scheme was used and a […]

  • Journal club: 03-04-2019

    Probabilistic and deterministic results of the ANPAF analog model for Spanish wind field estimations (2012). Here analog models were used to obtain daily mean wind speed and wind gust estimations in Spain. Three datasets were used: daily 1000hPa geopotential height field over the North Atlantic at 12:00 UTC (Z1000) from ERA40 reanalysis, observational daily mean […]

  • Journal club: 29-11-2018

    Improved very short-term spatio-temporal wind forecasting using atmospheric regimes (2018). Here a regime-switching vector autoregressive (VAR) method for very short-term wind speed forecasting (1-6 hours ahead) at multiple locations with regimes based on large-scale meteorological phenomena is presented. Principal component analysis is first performed on surface wind, sea-level pressure fields and the geopotential height field […]