EGU 2018: Representation of Wind-Solar Correlations in Reanalyses

I attended EGU2018 in April 2018 where I presented a poster titled Representation of Wind-Solar Correlations in Reanalyses.  This was included in the poster session for ERE3.1: “Energy meteorology and spatial modelling of renewable energies.”

This examined the representation of the relationship between 10m wind speed and global shortwave radiation (SW) on daily timescales in both observations and three different reanalyses.  It was found that all three reanalyses (ERA-Interim, MERRA-2 and MÉRA) tend to overestimate the strength of the negative correlation between daily mean 10m wind speed and daily total SW. The use of MÉRA, which is a high-resolution dataset (2.5km spacing), highlights spatial features of the correlation patterns. These appear to be influenced by the underlying model orography.

I attended many interesting talks. These included SC Pryor’s talk about using WRF simulations to study regional climate impacts from wind turbines, Daniel Drew’s talk about a case study of wind ramping and looking at how well it was predicted by UK Met Office models and also a talk by Florian Pantillon about ensemble forecasting of wind gusts over Germany.