EMS2017: Variations in wind-solar correlations across multiple datasets

At EMS2017 in DCU, Dublin in September 2017 I presented a poster titled: Variations in wind-solar correlations across multiple datasets. This was part of the Energy Meteorology session (OSA2.6).  This examined the accuracy of 2 reanalysis datasets  (ERA-Interim and MERRA2) at replicating the correlation relationship between 10m wind speed and incoming shortwave radiation (SW). It was found that both reanalysis tend to overestimate the strength of negative correlations compared to values calculated from observations. Additionally when the data was binned by wind direction, it was found that correlation values are seen to vary with different wind directions. The final part of the poster looked at mast data in the Netherlands to investigate whether the correlation values vary with height. It was found that correlations vary more with height in observations compared to both reanalyses.