I recently attended EGU2018 in Vienna, where there was a week of interesting talks on a wide variety of subjects within the geoscience community. Here are my notes on some of the talks.

I presented a poster in the ‘Energy meteorology and spatial modelling of renewable energies’ session titled: A spatial analysis of shortwave radiation over Ireland. In the poster I briefly show the results of standard skill scores to test the accuracy of reanalysis datasets to estimate shortwave radiation (SW) compared to station observations. Then I show the SW spatial pattern observed in each of the reanalyses and in satellites. The east-west variation highlighted by the land-sea contrast is seen in observations and is captured well by MÉRA and ERA-Interim. It is less pronounced in MERRA2. As an initial assessment of the model parameters contributing to the different representation of SW, I examined the spatial pattern of “daylight only” clouds.