Month: April 2018

  • Radiation: Clear Sky and Top of Atmosphere

    A question arose in regard to the meaning of certain short wave radiation variables, in particular when they are described at the top of the atmosphere (TOA) or at the surface in clear sky conditions. A good document describing the TOA and clear sky conditions in the ECMWF model can be found here.  The TOA in […]

  • EGU2018

    I recently attended EGU2018 in Vienna, where there was a week of interesting talks on a wide variety of subjects within the geoscience community. Here are my notes on some of the talks. I presented a poster in the ‘Energy meteorology and spatial modelling of renewable energies’ session titled: A spatial analysis of shortwave radiation over […]

  • Energy Institute Weekly Seminar

    I gave a short talk at the weekly Energy Institute seminar on 21st March 2018 in UCD. My presentation was titled “Shortwave Radiation in Reanalyses: Skill Scores and Spatial Patterns”. I briefly discussed my ongoing research surrounding the use of reanalysis datasets as a representation of past climatology for shortwave radiation (SW) in Ireland. I presented […]

  • ESIPP Symposium—Rethinking our Energy Future: Collaboration and Integration

    The ESIPP Symposium—Rethinking our Energy Future: Collaboration and Integration took place on Thursday November 30th in UCD. There were some interesting talks about the current and future work within ESIPP. There were also some interesting posters from all the PhD students within ESIPP. It was great to learn about the ongoing research within ESIPP. My […]