Gridded Meteorological Datasets

MÉRA rainfall output for 25th August 1986. Taken from Gleeson et al. (2017).

A document summarising gridded datasets which could be used as part of our research has been produced.  This considers both atmospheric reanalysis datasets and gridded climate datasets.   Information regarding the resolution, temporal coverage and unique features of the datasets are given.

A reanalysis is a dataset generated using weather observations and a modified forecast model to produce a physically consistent gridded representation of past weather events.

Gridded climate datasets do not involve the use of any dynamical models.  These use statistical techniques, such as interpolation, to produce data on a regular grid, from irregularly distributed observations.

Recent reanalyses which we have been using in our research have been described. These include MÉRA from Met Éireann, MERRA2 by NASA and ERA-Interim by ECMWF. Gridded climate datasets (such CRU and E-OBS) have also been described.

The three centres responsible for producing global reanalyses (ECWMF, America and Japan) are covered, outlining the progression in resolution and technology used for each subsequent reanalysis.