Month: September 2017

  • Journal Club: 25-09-2017

    Article title: Critical weather situations for renewable energies – Part B: Low stratus risk for solar power. In Germany, 31% of the largest error in photovoltaic day-ahead power forecasts for the years 2013-2014 were associated with fog and low stratus events. A detection algorithm for low stratus risk (LSR) is developed and applied as post-processing to […]

  • Gridded Meteorological Datasets

    A document summarising gridded datasets which could be used as part of our research has been produced.  This considers both atmospheric reanalysis datasets and gridded climate datasets.   Information regarding the resolution, temporal coverage and unique features of the datasets are given. A reanalysis is a dataset generated using weather observations and a modified forecast model to […]

  • Journal Club: 29-08-2017

    Article Title: The relationship between wind power, electricity demand and winter weather patterns in Great Britain Published in the Environmental Research Letters journal, in 2017. Main author: Hazel E. Thornton, from UK’s Met Office. This article assessed the relationship between electricity demand and the availability of wind power, relating both of these to weather patterns […]