Month: August 2017

  • Journal Club: 15-08-2017

    Article Title:The importance of forecasting regional wind power ramping: A case study for the UK This article studied a year of generation data from the Thames Estuary wind farm cluster for 2014, with particular interest given to a ramping event which occurred on the 3rd of November of that year.  This consisted of a ramp-up […]

  • Managing permissions on Sonic (chmod)

    When creating a new directory on the ESIPP shared directory on Sonic, it is good practice to consider the permissions which are applied to that directory. When a new directory has been created, by executing: mkdir new_directory A set of permissions are set up for this new directory for three categories: The user (u), i.e. […]

  • Journal Club: 18-07-2017

    Article Title: Skilful seasonal predictions for the European energy industry Published in the Environmental Research Letters journal, in 2017. This article, produced by the UK’s Met Office Hadley Centre, is a follow up on previous recent research conducted by scientists from the same centre. That previous research has been able to reproduce the North Atlantic Oscillation […]

  • Journal Club: 01-08-2017

    Article Title: Using ERA-Interim Reanalysis for creating datasets of energy-relevant climate variables. This article was published from the construction of a bias-adjusted dataset of climate variables at the near surface using ERA-Interim reanalysis which is presented in this interactive website. Variables include; wind speed at 10m, temperature and solar radiation. Users in the energy sector are […]