Month: July 2017

  • Upgrade WRF and WPS for new GFS

    I got the following in an email from WRF: Beginning 1200 UTC July 19, NCEP will upgrade GFS, as well as several output datasets provided on its ftp site. The updates, which include adding missing values to land fields (such as soil temperature, moisture and snow etc.), and changing the landsea mask field, will break […]

  • Install CDO

    CDO is a great piece of software for working with GRIB and NetCDF data: Install Libs4cdo: Install cdo  

  • Journal Club: 30-05-2017

    Article title: Two-Dimensional Indices of Atmospheric Blocking and their statistical relationship with Winter Climate Patterns in the Euro-Atlantic Region. (Published in the International Journal of Climatology in 2006) This article identified some statistical linkage existing between climate variability patterns and the frequency of atmospheric blocking over the Euro-Atlantic region. The research of this article started […]

  • Wind Energy Science Conference 2017

    I had a great trip to the Wind Energy Science Conference 2017 last week (28 June 2017) in DTU, Copenhagen, where I saw lots of interesting presentations about wind power forecasting. I gave a talk about our ESIPP research, comparing wind and solar observation data to reanalysis data and forecast data. I made the point […]