Month: June 2017

  • MERRA2/GFS Case studies for WRF forecasts

    We have looked at shortwave (SW) radiation errors in the MERRA2 and ERA-Interim reanalysis datasets compared with seven stations around Ireland: Belmullet, Birr, Clones, Dublin, Kilkenny, Malin Head and Valentia. We want to run WRF forecasts for certain case study dates. We will use archived GFS global forecast data to drive WRF forecasts for these […]

  • Download archived GFS data

    I’d like to run some WRF forecasts for dates on which there were large errors in the shortwave (SW) radiation from reanalysis data. To do this, I need to get forecast data from a global model. The GFS global model forecast data are archived here: To request archived data, click on the HAS link for […]

  • Journal Club: 13-06-2017

    Article title: Long-term patterns of European PV output using 30 years of validated hourly reanalysis and satellite data This article looked at the validation of hourly PV simulations across Europe, using MERRA and MERRA-2 reanalysis and the Meteosat-based CM-SAF SARAH (Surface Solar Radiation Data Set) satellite dataset using 30 years of simulated data. MERRA and […]

  • Download ECMWF MARS data

    These steps to download ECMWF data are based on their instructions here: ECMWF parameters are described here: