Month: May 2017

  • SIAM UK & Ireland Student Conference.

    SIAM UK & Ireland Student Conference, 26 May, at NUI Galway. Eadaoin and Seánie presented posters at the conference (details of the posters are in separate blog posts). Students from colleges throughout Ireland and the UK presented on a variety of topics as seen in the list of abstracts.  There were two plenary talks. Lea […]

  • SIAM Conference Galway 2017 – Comparison of Correlations Between Wind and Solar Radiation

    Combining wind and solar power generation has potential to make renewable energy less variable. This is done to take advantage of the fact that it tends to be cloudy when it’s windy and calm when it’s sunny [1] [2]. Preliminary site assessment for wind and solar power generation is commonly done by making use of […]

  • SIAM Conference Galway 2017 – An Investigation of Systematic Errors in Solar Radiation for Reanalysis Datasets

    The design and estimation of the performance of any solar energy system requires knowledge of solar radiation data obtained over a long period of time. The use of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy in Ireland is growing, leading to more interest in accurate solar shortwave radiation (SW) climatology. Reanalysis models use observational data from the past […]

  • WRF with MERRA2

    WRF required fields: 3D, pressure levels: Temperature=T, Winds=U, V, Relative Humidity=RH, Geopotential Height=PHIS 2D: Surface Pressure=PS, Sea Level Pressure=SLP, Skin Temperature=TS, 2-meter Temperature=T2M, 2-meter specific humidity=QV2M, 10-meter U,V=U10M,V10M Constant: LANDSEA mask=FRLAND, Soil Height, PHIS Optional: Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture, needed for Noah LSM. Water equivalent snow depth=PRECSNOLAND. Area I download for GFS forecasts: leftlon=-55, rightlon=20, toplat=70, bottomlat=30 MERRA2 Data […]