Month: April 2017

  • Journal Club: 18-04-2017

    Article Title: Evaluation of the reanalysis surface incident shortwave radiation products from NCEP, ECMWF, GSFC, and JMA using satellite and surface observations. Remote Sensing 8.3 (2016) This paper evaluates the solar radiation incident at the Earth’s surface (Rs) for six global reanalyses (NCEP–NCAR, NCEP-DOE; CFSR; ERA-Interim; MERRA; and JRA-55) using surface measurements from different observation […]

  • Satellite Data for Solar Energy Applications

    As the use of solar energy is constantly growing in Ireland, it has become increasingly important to assess the accuracy and skill of our weather forecasts and models. Satellites can be used on short time-scales to verify incoming solar radiation forecasts and also potentially to update operational PV models. This report outlines appropriate satellite data […]

  • Dealing with GRIB2 data

    We use python for our data analysis and plotting. The wonderful xarray package ( has no problem with NetCDF, but doesn’t like GRIB2. GFS data are in GRIB2, however, so it would be nicve if we could convert them easily to NetCDF. We can do this by using the great wgrib2 tool ( To install […]

  • Download GFS forecast

    We would like to run WRF forecasts driven by global forecast data from NOAA’s Global Forecast System (GFS: To download a subset of the GFS data use NOMADS g2subs: Select the “grib filter” link for the dataset you want. Use “make subregion”: e.g. lon:-55 to 25, lat: 25 to 70 Don’t use the analysis […]