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  • PhD Opportunity: Evapotranspiration

    A fully-funded 4 year PhD position is available in “ET4I: EvapoTranspiration maps for Ireland”, in collaboration with Teagasc, Met Éireann and the School of Mathematics and Statistics, UCD, Dublin, Ireland. This research project aims to produce gridded Actual Evapotranspiration (ET) and Potential Evapotranspiration (ET0) gridded datasets for Ireland. Potential evapotranspiration is a measure of the […]

  • Using cdo to subset WRF output

    cdo is a great way to manipulate NetCDF and GRIB data: WRF by default writes a lot of variables into the wrfout output files, but we may only want to plot a subset of these, for a particular range of times. We can use cdo to create a NetCDF file with only the data […]

  • Running WPS V4.4, WRF V4.4.2

    I am following steps from here: Get Data I used curl to download some recent (low res, 1 degree) GFS forecast data (f000, f003 and f006)to a DATA directory on the server: Prepare environment Make sure that the WRF executables can find the libraries they need, using the bash file in your UCDWRF directory: […]

  • Get GFS data for WRF

    A great place to get the GFS initial and boundary data which we need to run a WRF forecast is here: The NCAR Research Data Archive has 0.25 degree GFS forecast data archived since January 2015. The first step is to register, so that you can access the archive: Once you have registered, […]