• PhD Opportunity

    Probabilistic Seasonal Forecasting and Climate Projections for Wind and Solar Energy in Ireland Funding is available for a 4 year PhD project at the School of Mathematics and Statistics, UCD with the UCD Energy Institute. This PhD project aims to improve our understanding of Renewable Energy Sources (RES, wind and solar) in Ireland over two […]

  • Running WPS V4.4, WRF V4.4.2

    I am following steps from here: https://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/OnLineTutorial/compilation_tutorial.php Get Data I used curl to download some recent (low res, 1 degree) GFS forecast data (f000, f003 and f006)to a DATA directory on the server: Run WPS I then edited namelist.wps (correct dates, single domain, and path to WPS_GEOG). Make sure you have set all of your […]

  • Installing WPS V4.4, WRF V4.4.2

    WRF was installed on a server by following the instructions here: https://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/OnLineTutorial/compilation_tutorial.php. First, the LIBRARIES: Older versions of netcdcf mentioned on that website were available to download from the netcdf github site:– netcdf-c-4.7.2.tar.gz– netcdf-fortran-4.5.2.tar.gz netcdf-fortran needed:LDFLAGS=-L/home/conor/LIBRARIES/netcdf/libCPPFLAGS=-I/home/conor/LIBRARIES/netcdf/includeexport FCFLAGS=”-w -fallow-argument-mismatch -O2″export FFLAGS=”-w -fallow-argument-mismatch -O2″ mpich-3.0.4 caused an error: multiple definition of `HYD_pmcd_pmip’. So I tried:mpich-3.1.4.tar.gz, which also […]

  • Correct parameter name with cdo ERA5

    cdo doesn’t recognise the name for 100m u and v winds from ERA5. So, I created a small text file called myparam.txt with information about the variables: Then I used the following cdo command: and that worked!